Hi, my name is Jerfareza Daviano 👋🏼

I'm a Full Stack Developer with years of experience working on backend and frontend. I spent most of my adult years away from my homeland Indonesia and am currently residing in Japan, a country that I consider lovely with its unparalleled mix of nature and culture.

I built this website as a personal challenge to put my thoughts into words and turn my technical experiments and solutions to technical problems that I faced into eligible manuscripts. Hopefully, the notes and articles that I publish will help people learn -- and, at the same time, help me remember what I have done as well!

I'm also an avid photographer, as you can see in my side project Jerfareza Photography.

Educational Background

Tohoku University logo

Tohoku University

Attended Master's degree for Economics and Management
Japan, 2015 – 2017

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia logo

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Bachelor, Software Engineering
Malaysia, 2007 – 2011


● Camera geek. I write articles on photography here.

● Cycling & hiking

● I'm a fan of oldies music, especially 60's and 70's.